Support Groups


Support groups can be an excellent way to manage problematic issues. Under the guidance of professional staff, group members share coping strategies and encourage each other towards health and wholeness.

Anger Management Group

People demonstrating anger, violence, and other aggressive behaviors can benefit from the Anger Management Group. It is a 8 session group offered quarterly. Group members will learn how to manage anger effectively and develop self-control over thoughts and actions. Call 814-723-1330 and ask to enroll in the next group.

Healthy Relationships Program

This program is a 12 week group for men that focuses on power and control issues, emotional regulation, feeling identification, and the elements of a healthy and sustainable relationship.    Group members will learn to examine beliefs and behaviors that have been detrimental in the past and practice new skills and behaviors that can result in safer and more satisfying relationships. Call 814-723-1330 for more information.