Substance Abuse Services

Family Services of Warren County Substance Abuse Services is a licensed facility through the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs in Pennsylvania.  We offer high quality and professional treatment options for individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues, which include individual, couples, family, group therapy, and psycho-educational groups.  A thorough evaluation will take place to determine your specific needs and an individualized plan of action will be developed to guide the course of treatment.

Addiction is a complex and debilitating problem.  Many people struggle for years before they decide to enter treatment.  Recovery is equally challenging and our friendly and professional staff are here to be a part of your recovery journey.

We understand that many people need to address both substance abuse and mental health issues.  Best practice suggests that the entire person be viewed, not just the problem.  Family Services treats everyone from an individual perspective based on their specific strengths and needs.

Many individuals may need more intensive services that are not offered at our agency.  That is ok, staff are trained to recognize the most appropriate level of care that fits your needs and can facilitate referrals for detoxification, inpatient, and other services.

Outpatient Therapy consists of individual, couples, or family therapy. Frequency of appointments will be based on the needs of the person. Group therapy is another service offered for individuals that might need a more intense type of treatment other than individual therapy. Group therapy is effective to help individuals break through high levels of denial, gain additional supports and perspectives.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP) is a higher level of care then outpatient therapy and is often viewed as a transitional level of care.  It offers increased structure, follows a curriculum of recovery related topics, and provides additional support.  Individuals that continue to lapse or relapse in outpatient therapy can benefit from attending  IOP two to three times each week for three hours. It can be a step down for a person who completed inpatient treatment and continues to need additional recovery related support.

DUI Intervention Program is an eight-session group that assists individuals overcome problematic drinking and other substance abuse issues. This program is offered in conjunction with Warren County Adult Probation Department.